The change in fares as the tax increase from April 2014

As the tax increase, the rates for rooms will be changed from April 2014.

Please have a check the information of rooms.


And we'll massive little amenities -ex.shampoo, linses, towels,- in Japanese cottages to make you feel more comforable.


But other rooms-Mongolian yurts and Trailer house- don't heve the amenities as before. We'd like you to experience minimum standard and concentrate your feeling. 


Thank you.

Hidemi MAE



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    Mr Nick (金曜日, 22 11月 2013 14:47)

    Your links for reservation in English are wrong and outdated
    please verify with Rakuten

    The new link for your hotel in English is this

    * English

    * Chinese
    Also the Chinese is wrong the new ones are this

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    tsutsujiso (水曜日, 27 11月 2013 10:34)

    Dear, Mr. Nick

    Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    We have made them correct as you suggested.

    We're very appriciate to you.