About us

 Tsutsujiso is a unique guesthouse where you can stay in Japanese cottages, Mongolian yurts, and trailers. All the rooms at Tsutsujiso are located right in front of the Setouchi sea - sleeping in and waking up to the sound of waves, we believe, is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have on Naoshima.

 You might be surprised how things are minimal at us - but we are confident that you will find such simplicity to be the best companion to appreciate nature and exotic atmosphere.

 Nature surrounding Tsutsujiso, such as the smell of sea breeze, the sound of calm waves, the color of the sky, and birds chirping will change every moment. Such changes could be subtle, but they will let your mind to relax and help you to cultivate taste and develop creativity. Enjoy your stay unique to Naoshima!

 Tsutsujiso had been built by Kazuhiro Ishi, a Japanese architect, in 1992. It was originally just the Japanese cottages and was planned to be a rest and recreation facility for local residents. The name Tsutsujiso is derived from the city flower Tsutsuji (Azalea).

 Yurts and caravans were added afterwards, and Tsutsujiso became what you see today - a guesthouse open to everyone.