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Welcome to the Tsutsuji gift shop, a shop located inside the Tsutsuji cafe. Here you will meet a unique, fine selection of souvenirs - from Naoshima original products to the collectibles designed by artists. Grab a cup of good coffee and enjoy shopping!

Catalogs (prices are inclusive of taxes)

Souvenirs of Naoshima and Shikoku areas










SOLA SHIO (Sun salt)

Proudly handmade in the Fishing Park near Tsutsujiso, this salt will be a perfect seasoning for your dishes. Made from seawater collected from the Park and the natural sunlight.

500 yen

Yayoi Kusama Collectibles


A small (diameter: 5.5 cm)  pocket mirror designed by Kusama. Perfect for your makeup pouch!


770 yen each

                                                        Pumpkin key rings

Who would have imagined that these pumpkins would be THIS ICONIC on Naoshima!? But yeah, you will know why once you see them. With this key rings, your Naoshima memory will always be fresh!                    Yellow/Red

1,650 yen each

                                                Postcards (Dancing Pumpkins)

Want to impress your friends? These postcards are exactly what you need. Great for birthdays and anniversaries!


495 yen each

                                                        Key chains

I hear you say "They're cute but kinda...uh...expensive, aren't they?" You will be surprised how sturdy these chains are - these heavy-duty key chains will be with your keys for years and years!


Pumpkin (Yellow&Red)/Dots Obsession

LOVE FOREVER/High Heel/Butterfly

3,024 yen each

                                                        Plastic folders

Your ordinary office supplies will be accented with these folders inspired by the artworks "Love Forever, Singing in Towada" at the Towada Art Center!


Pumpkin/Tulips/Towada A and B

432 yen each

                                        Post Card (Hi, Konnichiwa!)

The Pumpkins are not the only one Kusama is famous for. These cheerful young girls appeared on t-shirts or stickers - and now on postcards! Perfect for telling about your Naoshima trip to your friends!

162 yen

                                                                                                            Tote bags (Body Festival)

Simple tote bags made to commemorate "Kusama's Body Festival in '60s." Put your camera, wallet, and the Naoshima Area map in it and you're all ready to explore Naoshima!



550 yen

These are just a part of what we have at our gift shop. Some can be found only at us, some cheaper than other shops. We also have Lisa Larson collectives and regional goodies, all of which were carefully selected by us. We look forward to meeting you !

 !! Our shop will be open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 

during the winter season ( from December 1 to mid-March ).

    Friday  11:00 am-3:00 pm 


    Sat/Sun/Holiday  11:00 am-4:00 pm