The place where Tsutsujiso is. 


The island with about 3, 000 residents in Setouchi, the Seto inland sea,

is attracting public attention as a sacred place of the contemporary art

both domestically and internationally. 



Naoshima Seaside Park Stay "Tsutsujiso" is a guest house

facing the beautiful sea designated as a national park.

   Tsutsujiso is the place for local people

and, at the same time, the place where anyone can relax

and feel the changes of the nature,

e.g. a sea breeze, sounds of waves, birdsongs, and colors of the sky, 

 Your tastes will be awaken by the nature changing in every moment

and your sensitivity to the art will be refined.



The place where you can fully enjoy "the special stay in Naoshima"


is here, Tsutsujiso.



The seaside park to stay

New Paradise

Tsutsujiso is located on the coastline in Setouchi National Park,

the first national park in Japan,


You get off the bus, walk through the front gate,

and find the space which reminds you of




the place that Kazuhiro Ishii, the architect of Tsutsujiso, aimed for.  

Everyone can enjoy the relaxing time at the spacious square with the café.

Tsutsujiso is the guest house with the three types of rooms,

pao yurts (Mongolian tent), trailer houses and Japanese cottages. 



You will enjoy the nearest view of the seto inland sea in Naoshima,

and feel the comfort by the sea with calm waves and ships coming and going.


Unusual experiences are here for you.



April 15th, 2020