Regarding measures taken in response to the coronavirus


With regard to the recent Coronavirus situation, ensuring the safety and the health of our guests, staff and inhabitants of the island is our top priority at Tsusujiso. In order to make sure that you can enjoy your visit safely, we are taking the following measures. We would truly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.


【Measures towards our guests
Physical checkups of hotel guests.
The implementation of measures to prevent droplet transmission
(Such as wearing masks when serving guests, maintaining distance through the
 arrangement of seats and the usage of plastic sheets and coin trays.)
Enforcement of disinfectant cleaning, regular ventilation and disinfection.


Measures towards our staff
Physical checkups and temperature measurement of our staff members.
Measures to prevent droplet transmission (wearing masks during work hours and while commuting to and from work and so forth).
Implementing hand-washing with alcohol disinfection of the hands.


Requests for our guests
We are required to refuse guests who are not feeling well and have exhibited symptoms of a cold such as cough, a fever, difficulty breathing and extreme fatigue. Please make sure to assess your health before coming to the island. Since medical facilities on the island are very limited, it is difficult to cope with urgent cases.
We ask for your kind cooperation in wearing masks and disinfecting your hands during your visit.
Please make sure to maintain distance between yourself and other visitors.