Meals at Tsutsujiso

Immerse yourself in a magnificent view over Setouchi Inland Sea and our delightful meals. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner – all carefully and wholeheartedly selected for you.


*If you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions, please notify us when you place an order.

**All the prices shown are inclusive of taxes.

Although numbers of the restaurants in Naoshima are growing, it might be hard to find a place near Tsutsujiso. We highly recommend you to make a meal reservation when you book a room at us so that you won't end up wandering around looking for 'just anywhere open''ll be such a sad memory! Please be sure to place an order by 18:00 (Japan time) on 3 days before your scheduled arrival.

Breakfast (Prior reservations required)

The kitchen opens at 7:45 a.m. and closes at 9:30 a.m.

Start your day with the beautiful view of the glittering sea and delicious breakfast. They will surely make your day better!

※Image shown below are subject to change. The actual content may vary according to the market.

Japanese style breakfast

Want to charge energy before your adventure in Naoshima? This is just right for you.

                 650 yen

-Grilled fish of the day

-Rolled omelette

-Japanese pickles


-Rice, miso soup and tea (Please help yourself)




How about taking a break from a stroll along Gotanji beach and enjoy our finest selection of light meals?

Go to our cafe page for the menu


If you are a big group (more than 10 people), we can prepare a group lunch as well.

Bento Box■ 1,620 yen - Japanese

*Please make a reservation by 3 weeks before your scheduled visit.

**Having food allergies/dietary restrictions? Don't forget to let us know!

DINNER (prior reservations required)

Please choose the time for your dinner from 6 p.m. or 6:30 p.m.

Note that our kitchen closes at 8 p.m. sharp.

※Menu varies seasonally



Dinner menu for the winter period

       (October 16th, 2018 – May 6th, 2019)                                                     *All the prices shown are inclusive of taxes.


Hotpot Dishes (minimum portion is for 2 people


Pork shabu-shabu Hotpot for 2    5,600yen    (2,800yen/extra person)

Thinly sliced pork / various vegetables (napa cabbage , enoki [hackberry] and shimeji [beech] mushrooms, green onion, mizuna potherb mustard / firm tofu / starch noodles

※Comes with rice (free refills)


Enjoy our specialty with refreshing ponzu citrus soy sauce and rich sesame sauce!

Setouchi Seafood hotpot for 2    6,480 yen   (3,240 yen/extra person)

Fish (cod, sea bream, etc) / seafood (squid, shrimp, and scallop) / vegetables (napa cabbage / mizuna potherb mustard) / firm tofu / fish dumplings

※Comes with rice or noodles (choose whichever you like and let staff know at the restaurant!)


Have you been travelling for a long time? Give your body some vitamin C boost with this healthy hotpot!

Sukiyaki Hotpot for 2             6,480 yen  (3,240 yen/extra person)

Thinly sliced beef/ vegetables (green onion, edible crown daisy, enoki [hackberry] mushrooms, and carrot / broiled tofu / shirataki noodle (made from yam) ※Comes with rice (free refills)


Try sukiyaki, the traditional dish which has been popular among Japanese people since the 1860s!

【Dishes which can be ordered for 1 portion or more】

Udon noodle hot pot   1,620 yen


Udon noodles/ chicken / vegetables (green onion, napa cabbage, and carrot) / shrimp / cured surimi / deep fried tofu pouches


※Comes with inari-zushi, which consist of sushi rice (rice lightly seasoned with a mixture of vinegar and sugar) stuffed in deep fried tofu pouches.


Keep yourself warm with this piping hot Udon noodle hot pot with lots of nutritious ingredients!

Dinner menu for summer 

 (period: May 7th, October 15th)


 *All the prices shown are inclusive of taxes.


BBQ 2,800 yen/person


Beef 100g, pork 100g, a Vienna sausage, seafood (a scallop, shrimp, a slice of squid), various vegetables (cabbage leaves, sliced carrots and onions, bell pepper, etc) and rice