Frequently Asked Questions

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Checking in and out







Checking in and out

When is the time for check in and out?

Check in begins from 3 pm to 9 pm and check out is by 10 am.


What do I need to check in?

Make sure you have your passport (or any legitimate IDs) when you check in.


Can I leave my bags?

Yes, we can keep your luggage before you check in and after you check out. Ask the receptionist for assistance.




How do I book a room?

You can check the availability online (from our website and the Rakuten travel), or by calling, emailing, fax, and of course visiting us directly.


Phone: 087-892-2838 (9 am-6 pm)

Fax: 087-892-3871


Do you need deposit/my credit card information to secure my booking?

No, we don’t require them to secure your booking. However, we have a strict cancellation policy – please refer to the reservation page for more information.


Tell me about your cancellation policy.

We require 3 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival. Check out the reservation page for more information.


Can I use my own tent and camp and cook at Tsutsujiso?

We are afraid you can’t. Camping with your own tents, cooking (like BBQ) at and in proximity to Tsutsujiso are strictly prohibited.


How old (young) do you consider to be a child?

At Tsutsujiso, accommodation fee will accrue for children between 3-12 years old.


Do you take credit cards for payments?

Generally, we accept only cash. Our online payment and/or bank transfer system is currently available only for groups or travel agencies. You can use your credit card, however, if you book via the Rakuten travel website.


Is it possible to send my luggage in advance?

Yes, we can keep your bags safely until when you check in. Send them to the address below with your name (or the guest’s name), the check-in date, and the type of the room you have booked.


Postal code: 761-3110

352-1 Naoshima-cho Kagawa-gun, Kagawa





How many people can you accommodate?

The maximum capacity of Tsutsujiso is 67 people. The breakdown is as followed:

10 yurts (max. 4 people each)

2 extra beds are available (but the rooms will be quite cramped)

3 Japanese cottages

(2 regular cottages with max. 4 each & 1 large cottage with max. 8)

3 Trailers (max. 2 each)

*Please be sure to let us know beforehand if you are a “group,” meaning more than 10 people.


Will I share a room with someone else?

No, all the rooms at Tsutsujiso are strictly private - no sharing with other guests will occur.


Is there a bathroom and toilet inside the room?

The only accommodation type with bath and toilet inside is the Japanese cottages. Yurts and trailers (caravans) do not have them inside, but the shared toilets are located close to them. As to bath, we have coin-operated shower booths (100 yen/10 min; open 24/7; no amenities equipped) and bathtubs (1,100 yen/hour; prior reservations required; open 5 pm-12 pm; towels and soaps provided).


Are there cups, plates, and cutlery inside the room?

No. However we provide paper cups and tea bags for free in the rooms. Ask the receptionist for more information.


Do you have wifi?

Yes, we have Free wifi at some areas of Tsutsujiso.


I’m not staying at Tsutsujiso, but can I use your coin-operated shower?

Yes, the shower is open for anyone until 9 pm (the bathtub is only for tour guests). Our main gate will be closed at 9 pm, so please be sure to finish before that.

The shower has no towels and soaps equipped (soaps are available for sale at the reception), so make sure to bring them with you.


Tell me about the amenities in the room.

A Japanese cottage has bath towels, face towels, yukata (Japanese pajama kimono), toothbrushes, razor blades, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a hair dryer equipped.

Yurts and trailers don’t have anything mentioned above, but our reception have them for rent and sale.


Are there vending machines?

Yes, there are 2 soft drink vending machines and 1 alcohol vending machine right next to the café (facing to the main gate). All of them are available for 24 hours.


Do you have a washing machine for my laundry?

No, we don’t.


Do you have a gift shop or a place where I can buy some snacks?

We don't have a souvenir shop, but, rental towels and soaps, etc can be bought at the reception (open 8 am-12 am).

Further, there is a food vending machine at the Pao area. Our guests can get some light food, like stacks, breads and cup noodles. 




Can we have meals at Tsutsujiso?

Yes, we can prepare dinner and breakfast with prior reservations (by 3 days before your scheduled arrival). Menu details with pictures are available online.


When will my meals be served?

Dinner: Choose from 6 pm or 6:30 pm (the café will be closed at 8:00 pm sharp)

Breakfast: between 7:30-9:00 am (will be closed at 9:00 am sharp)


Can I take out my dinner/breakfast to my room?

We are afraid you can’t. Your dinner and breakfast will be served and consumed exclusively at the café. You can bring and have your own food and beverages in your room, but please refrain from bringing them in to the café.


We are a group and interested in having meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast).

For a group meal, we would like to ask you to contact us at least 21 days before the date you wish to gather. Together we will talk about 1) number of guests, 2) budgets, 3) any food restrictions and preferences, and 4) the payment method, etc.


Please note that using the Town Bus for a group of more than 10 people is NOT recommended as the bus is quite small and is a major mean of transportation for many local residents. If (and only if) you are a group of more than 10 people, we could arrange the luggage transportation service.


I’m staying somewhere else but want to have meals at Tsutsujiso…

You’re welcome! Just contact us somehow (phone calls, emails, visiting our reception) and we will make a reservation for you. Note that our café has a limited number of seats, so early reservations are strongly recommended.


Can you prepare meals for vegetarians (vegans)?

Yes, we will try as much as we can. We need to know what exactly you don’t/can’t eat (for instance, can you eat eggs, dairy, ‘dashi’ the fish broth?), as well as what you usually eat. We are flexible to arrange meals for people with food allergies, too.


Do you have any kid’s menu?

We are afraid we don’t. We would like you to share your portion with your children. Please refrain from bringing your own food at the café (*except for baby food).


*Let the staff know if you would bring the baby food into the café.




How do I get to you?

If your boat/ferry arrives at the Miyanoura port, you will see a distinguishing glass building (a ferry ticket station) after you get off. You will see 3 bus stops to its right – take the one coming to the middle (), whose last stop is us, Tsutsujiso. It will take roughly 10 minutes to get to us.

If your boat arrives at the Honmura port, again you will look for a bus stop (you will just walk along the sea a bit and it’s to your right). It will take about 5 minutes.


The town bus is a small bus (max. capacity of 28 people) and is a major mean of transportation for many of the local residents. If you are a group of more than 10 people, please contact us for the luggage pickup service*.


*We provide this only when you are a group (more than 10 people) and we transport only your luggage (no people).


If you decide to walk from the port to Tsutsujiso, it would take about 60 minutes from Miyanoura and 25 minutes from Honmura.


Can you give me a ride?

We do NOT have the pickup service. We can transport your luggage only if you are a group of more than 10 people with big suitcases. We need to know ahead of time to arrange the luggage pickup, so please be sure to notify us when you make a booking.


Do you have a parking lot somewhere?

Yes and No – we have a free parking lot (open for 24/7) right next to our property and everyone (including the Naoshima Town Office) will tell you as if it’s ours, but it actually belongs to the town. So if you have any questions regarding the parking lot, please contact the Town Office first.


Do you have bicycles for rent?

No, we don’t. Most bicycle rental shops are located in the Miyanoura (where the Red Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama is) area and some are in the Honmura area (where the Art House Projects are).


What are the means of transportation on the island?

You can use the Town Bus and rental bicycles to go around the island.


  The Town Bus (fare: 100 yen/adult & 50 yen/child) runs between ports to Tsutsujiso.

   [Miyanoura (the ferry terminal) ⇔ Honmura (Art House Projects) ⇔ Tsutsujiso]


  A Museum Free Shuttle is running between Tsutsjiso and the Chichu Art Museum.

   [Tsutsujiso ⇔ Benesse House Musem ⇔ Lee Ufan Museum ⇔ Chichu Art Museum]




Is there a hospital on the island?

There is a tiny municipal clinic (Fureai Clinic) in the Miyanoura area. If things are serious you need to go either to Uno or Takamatsu.


Are there ATMs near Tsutsujiso?

Unfortunately there are no ATMs close by Tsutsujiso, but there is one in the 7-eleven (in Miyanoura, open 6:30 am-10 pm). It takes international credit cards.

Apart from the ATMs, we have a bank (114 Bank) right in front of the Town Office, in Honmura area (open 9 am-3 pm, closes on weekends and holidays). You can withdraw and exchange your foreign currency to Japanese yen.


Do we need to book the ferry/boat tickets? Can we buy them online?

No, ferry companies like the Shikoku Kisen and the Teshima Ferry don’t accept reservations. They don’t sell tickets online either. You need to visit the ticket station yourself for them.


Can you book tickets for the museums and Art House Projects for me?

No. Just like the ferry tickets, you need to visit the sites yourself to buy them.


Can I go for a stroll near Tsutsujiso?

Absolutely! The beach in front of the rooms is private for our guests, and we are the closest to the Benesse House and other outside artworks, including the famous Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama. All these already make the area perfect for a stroll, but there are more - seasonal changes, as well as daily changes of the view is just remarkable. Sound of the waves, breathtakingly beautiful sunrise and sunset, bigger stars in the sky at night…come experience yourself! We are looking forward to see you :)