Before you reserve

Q. Will I be sharing my room with other guests?

A. No. All the accommodations at Tsutsujiso are PRIVATE.

Once you book a room, it will be all yours and no sharing with other guests will occur.

Q. From when can I make a reservation?

A. We take reservations exactly from 6 months before your preferred date.

Q. I'm thinking to have meals at Tsutsujiso when I stay...

A. Meal reservations need to be made by 3 days before your scheduled arrival.


Make sure to contact us by 6:00 pm (Japan time).

For more information, visit here.

At Tsutsujiso…

We ask you to pay for your reservation in cash when you check in.  We cannot accept credit cards.

We do not charge service fees for any reason.

Beds are not made.

Camping (includes putting up your own tent, cooking) is not allowed  in and around our property.

 ※Know that there are no campsites on Naoshima island anymore.

  If you want to camp, Inujima island has one.

Smoking is allowed only at the designated areas in the property.

Cancellation policy

For our cancellation policy, see here.



Most museums and art facilities (except for the Benesse House Museum) usually close on Mondays.

If the Monday is a national holiday, museums will be open for that day and then closed on the following day as a substitute holiday. 

For more information, please refer to the Benesse Art Site Naoshima official website.